Monday, December 15, 2008

Behind the Scenes of upcoming Virginia Living Editorial.

Hi all! I haven't been able to update lately but wanted to make sure to fill everyone in on what I have been up to now that I have some time.

I normally don't put out any Behind the Scenes photos up until after a story is published but "boss man" Tyler Darden of Virginia Living told me to go ahead and post whatever I please! Thank you Tyler! :)

Of course, being that I am a creature of habit, I will go ahead and post some fun stuff now but leave a few great behind the scene shots for when the story comes out in this January's issue! :)

The setting of this Virginia Living shoot was at the Rice House in Richmond, VA. This is a home, made historic landmark, for it's unique architectural structure and rich history on the James River. The home itself is also known for being the lavish backdrop of high end and extravagant parties thrown by Ambassador and Mrs. Rice. I hope you enjoy the behind the scenes shots and make sure to pick up a copy of Virginia Living magazine mid January to view the full story and great photos!

Fabulous shoes! Fabulous gowns! Fabulous JEWELRY! Don't expect less from Virginia Living!

What do you expect my hair to look like for a 7a.m. call time in Richmond? lol.
I swear it was better than this before I started running around doing 5 faces of makeup/hair :)

Richard and Neely styling things brilliantly in "2 moves", again!

Photographer of this issue: Cade Martin ; Model: Zuzanna w/ Wilhelmina.

I do believe Madonna's "Holiday" was playing in the background.

Thank you Tyler for the great Behind-The-Scene's photos and I will get more out soon.
Also, here are a couple of photos I was personally able to get with my new G10 (thanks Luis!) that day.
I may even upload a quick video or two later!

I call this "The Portrait of a Model". :P

A room full of fog can cause some serious side effects.

This view will be missed!

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