Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Year! New Look! NEW BLOG!

Hello folks and Happy New Year!!!

I hope everyone had the time of their lives celebrating the New Year, whether that means you partied all night or stayed at home in your jammies watching TV. As long as you enjoyed it, that is all that matters!

With New Year's come new things and new chapters so I have decided to take on another project and bring forth unto you my new Beauty Blog called Makeup is Art.

My "K M A Blog" will still be running as this one keeps readers up to date of my personal life and collection of work. The Makeup is Art blog will bring together many beauty related topics on makeup and hair which will market to a wider audience span. I hope to have you enjoy and follow both of these blogs until they are one day merged together in holy matrimony. :)

Again, Happy New Year's and may your 2009 be the best ever!


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