Thursday, January 8, 2009

Out on Stands- DC Modern Luxury

Hello all!

I hope everyone is starting to get back into the swing of things and are fully recovered over the Holiday break! My year started off with a bang in being able to do a photoshoot for the Women of Obama's Cabinet on my first day back to work. I wrote an entire post about it at my new blog Makeup is Art Beauty Blog . Right on the heels of that I actually got word that the shoot I did not too long ago, for DC Modern Luxury, came out (digitally) and that it should be hitting the stands next week on the 12th!

I think it turned out beautiful regardless of the chilly weather, the crazy time constraints, and the tons of tourists wanting to get up close and personal with our shoot. Who knew grade school field trips came out to the Lincoln Memorial at 9:30 on a school night? I didn't until this shoot! :)
Here is the new cover...

January DC Modern Luxury Cover@Lincoln Memorial Steps
Makeup by Me
Hair by one80 salon/ DC
Styling by Krystal Ugo
Photography by Sota Dzine
Models: Rita and Ali w/THE

I also did another men's grooming photo in the same issue that discussed the intricate sculptures being made at Window's catering for the different Inaugural Balls.

This shoot was shot in the kitchens of Windows Catering, Alexandria, VA: by photographer Patrick King.

As for behind the scenes shots, we were on a major time constraint being we were shooting on a National Monument with a timed permit. So I ended up getting a couple of touristy night time shots instead. :D Enjoy!



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