Thursday, February 12, 2009

Behind the Scenes- Fox 5 News Edge

Last week I had the opportunity to do an HD makeup consultation for Fox 5 (DC) news anchor Brian Bolter. He had been using products that were just too light in color and cakey in texture that showed up unforgivably since the news station changed over to full HD.

I find the best compliment I can be given for any makeup job I have done is to be not only called back but referred to others, which is what Brian did. He called upon me to see if I had interest in doing consults for the rest of the Fox 5 News Edge team. I called upon one of my mentors and local friends Suzanne Patterson who is known for her HD training and work (as well as her makeup artistry and special effects work). We made our way to Fox 5 News Station in Washington D.C. on the 2/11 and got to work doing consults for almost all of the on-air talent that evening.

Brian, the funny man that he is, took a behind the scenes video that I wanted to share. It is hilarious and definitely self explanatory...

Us Right Now - HD Makeup Consultation from Brian Bolter on Vimeo.

I then went ahead and took my own video while Fox 5 was on live for their 10pm showing. Everyone invited us to stay as long as we liked during the broadcast. It was a great experience seeing how they run their operation with everyone on the same set.

and of course we had to take a memoir photo of a great night. Unfortunately Sue Palka and Laura Evans were off for this segment but we were able to get Sportscaster Dave Feldman, Brian Bolter, and Shawn Yancy in the photo. I'm in black between Dave and Brian and Suzanne is next to Shawn. Please excuse my "Are we taking the picture now?" look! :D

Us with Fox 5 news team (some of them anyway!)


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