Thursday, February 12, 2009

Out on Stands- Fox News Bret Baier and Family for People Magazine

Hello everyone!

I have been on a total unexpected hiatus due to my internet connection throwing a temper tantrum. I went almost 2 weeks without anything but my blackberry and it was a nightmare not being able to be in the loop of things like I usually am. Regardless, I am back and I have a lot of updates to add today. I will still break them up into separate posts as not to muddy the lines. Thanks for sticking by!

A few months back I got called by my LA agency to do makeup/hair/grooming for a photoshoot for Fox News' White House Correspondent Reporter Bret Baier, his lovely wife, Amy, and son Paul who was born with a heart condition.

This piece in People magazine tells their moving story about their trials with Paul's heart condition, starting at birth, and their inspiring story of giving back to the Children's Hospital.

Here are some photos from that article:
(Hair and Makeup by Kathy Aragon)

Click on photo for full size version.

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